Submission Guidelines

How do I request a review for my book?

Currently no longer accepting books for review. I’m just too busy! But feel free to keep reading!

Are there any type of books you will not review?

The Boogle will review just about any fiction except for sappy romance. How do you know if your romance novel is sappy? Hint: if it’s a romance novel, it’s sappy. So let’s just say The Boogle will review any fiction that isn’t romance (If this offends you in any way, please be sure to join the discussion on romance novels and tell me why!).

To be a little more specific , I won’t review any book that has something like this on the cover:


Why not? Simply put – because I just can’t take that crap.

All submissions must be hard copy – no electronic submissions please unless they are advanced copies (these books are not always read in the comfort of an electronic-friendly environment. Sometimes The Boog will read your book while he’s basking on some European beach which makes .pdf versions quite challenging).

Will you review advanced copies, even if they are electronic?

Yes, I will review advanced copies. Please email the above address with your inquiry.

What can I expect from a Boogle review?

You can expect to receive an intelligent, objective review of your work which will be posted on The Boogle and also to your book’s amazon site. If you have any link or websites you’d like to include, those may be posted as well. The Boogle’s reviews are on a “out of 5 star” basis, with a summary at the end that lists strengths, opportunities and the type of reader that will be interested.

One last note: your review copies become the property of The Boogle Library and will not be returned.

Why do you want to review these books?

As a self-published/independent author The Boog understand the challenges of securing fresh, credible reviews. This is his way of supporting his peers, by reviewing books that may otherwise go unnoticed by the giant corporate animal that is the publishing industry. Says The Boogle, “I am doing this for you.”

Where can I see some of your work?

You can read my reviews on The Boogle, or read some of my early reviews on (these were quick blurbs – any new review on The Boogle will be much more extensive) or you can check out the blog to my book here. My next novel The Cigar Maker will be released in 2010 and you can read the first four chapters here.

What if I don’t agree with The Boogle’s review?

If you mean, will The Boogle remove a review from then blog upon request then we say “hey let’s have some integrity here!” We will not “sugar-coat” any reviews, nor engage in a “glowing review swap.” The Boogle will give honest, objective feedback with the purpose of helping you promote your work.

If you simply disagree with a review and want to reply – then by all means let’s talk! The Boog loves nothing more than an intelligent discussion about books and storytelling.

What the heck is a boogle?

The Boogle has been asked this question before…I guess you’ll never know :)

If you’d like a review or a critique of a book in progress, please check out the WIP Book Critique tab.

4 Responses to Submission Guidelines

  1. Walt Long says:

    I am intrigued by this site, and if it’s everything I hope it is, congratulations! Apparently there are many of “us” out here.
    I have 2 books currently on Amazon, via createspace. “The Travelers” is action/historical drama dealing with smuggling of immigrants into the U. S., racism, and – yes – murder.
    “The Unauthorized Autobiography of Richard Burns” is a “biographical novel” about a sensitive sociopath who lived for years with beatniks and druggies, leading him into a lengthy stay in a Mexican Prison, and eventually back home and contentment. I’ll be sending a copy of each book to you shortly.
    Best of luck with this endeavor.
    Walt Long

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  3. Now I know why so many people love this site, nice contribution. Thanks

  4. I appreciate your willingness to review self-published books. I have found some gems among the self-published offerings. People are too quick to dismiss them out of hand.

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