The Contrary Canadian – C.C. Bye


I’m reading a pretty cool book right now called The Contracy Canadian by C.C. Bye. Being from Minnesota and having visited Canada several times I can personally identify with a lot of the anecdotes from Bye’s autobiographical narrative. I will post a review later this week but I wanted to share an excerpt that I thought was pretty awesome…

Bye was working at the Arctic Archipelago, right up near the North Pole when an iceberg ran aground near their camp. Bye and the camp’s cook went out and chipped some ice form this iceberg and brought it back to their settlement. Anyway, here is the excerpt…

Cookie came in and surprised me with one of my favourite drinks – good Canadian rye, a small amount of ginger ale and lots of ice. In fact, the tumbler was filled with so much chipped ice that rivulets of condensation had begun to run down its sides. The odd little fellow chuckled, winked at me and said, “There’s something about million-year-old ice that just makes a drink taste better.” He was right.

Imagine! Enjoying a cocktail with million year old ice! Even of the richest of the rich can’t claim such perks!

My review of The Contrary Canadian will be up later this week…


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