Page One Semi-Finalists Announced

The Boogle is happy to announce the semi-finalists of our Page One Fiction Contest!!

They Never Die Quietly – by Daniel M. Annechino

Cutting the Cheese – by Edward Patterson

To Truckee’s Trail – by Celia D. Hayes

Secret of the Sands – by Rai Aren

Advantage Disadvantage – by Yale R. Jaffe

Lessons from the Depression: Eliminating Debt the Old-fashioned Way – by Darlene Gudrie Butts

It was very hard to narrow all of the submissions down to this list (but we had a great time reading all of the submissions. Thank you everyone for all of the creative submissions!! I’d like to also thank my fellow judges, Bobby Ozuna and Joanne Connors-Wade. (Oh, and I can’t forget about forget about me, Mark McGinty.)

Keep checking back as the winning Page One will be posted later this week with an author’s profile!

The criteria we used to judge the entries is here (not including a little mathematical scoring system by one of our judges) and on the original Page One post.

  • Is the page extremely well written?
  • Did the author clearly define the situation, premise and characters?
  • Does the reader want to continue?

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