Page One Fiction Contest Winner: Daniel Annechino


Please congratulate the winner of The Boogle’s Page One Fiction Contest….

Daniel M. Annechino’s thriller

They Never Die Quietly

Here is a press release with some more information about the book:

New Thriller Characterizes Battle Between Good and Evil

They Never Die Quietly by D. M. Annechino is a complex mystery thriller that explores the mind of a serial killer and digs deep into the dubious world of  homicide investigation

SAN DIEGO – They Never Die Quietly by D. M. Annechino seeks not only to examine the conflict between human evil and human integrity through the pursuit of a serial killer, but the novel delves into a female detective’s desire to define herself as a competent homicide investigator in a world dominated by chauvinistic men.

San Diego homicide detective Sami Rizzo is assigned to investigate brutal serial killings in the city reportedly committed by Simon, an intelligent, deceptively charming fanatic. Simon believes God has granted him the authority to purify his unholy victims through a ritual that ends in a gruesome crucifixion. Rizzo, determined to outdo her male colleagues, makes a fatal mistake and becomes Simon’s next captive. Now she must outwit Simon to save her life and demonstrate that in the end, good does prevail over evil.

Paula Brandes, guest reviewer for Mysterious Galaxy Books, states “this fast-paced and amazing story twists through the labyrinth of evil like a Ferrari. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!”

“I have always been fascinated with serial killers – what motivates them, what force of evil drives them,” says Annechino. “After researching several books that explore the mind of the serial killer, I found myself intrigued.” He’s currently working on a follow-up novel about another serial killer.

Annechino, according to Joan West from Bennett & West Literary Agency, “has mastered the art of suspenseful storytelling and crafted a novel that vividly contrasts good and evil.” West goes on to say, “They Never Die Quietly grabs you from the first sentence and keeps you engaged to the last word.”

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at They Never Die Quietly is available for sale online at, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

D. M. Annechino’s colorful background includes operating a book editing business called ABC Editing and working in the automobile business for 18 years (eight as a general manager). He currently works as an account executive for a major California utility company and promotes energy efficiency programs. In addition to They Never Die Quietly, Annechino wrote the nonfiction book How to Buy the Most Car for the Least Money.


D. M. Annechino

Cell Phone:      (858) 200-5321

Office:                         (858) 636-3935


And what would a Page One Fiction Contest be if we didn’t share Page One of They Never Die Quietly…..

I lie naked on the makeshift crucifix. Along the underside of my arms, down my spine, against the back of my thighs, I can feel splinters from the rough-sawn wood prickling my tender skin. My arms and ankles are bound to the crucifix with clothesline. I try to inhale a breath of the damp air, but my lungs feel oppressed, as if a heavy weight lay on my chest. My heart pounds against my ribs. He straddles my shivering body. My captor. A monster like no other. For an instant his wide-open eyes glance at my breasts. I cringe at the thought of him touching me. Then, he studies my face, searching for something; I don’t know what.  Perhaps he wishes to taste my fear, sip it like fine wine. I try to convince myself that this is a nightmare, that all I know about life and death and reality will exist when I awaken. But I will not awaken. I look into his eyes and see not a man, but my executioner. I no longer sob, or ask for mercy. My plea only serves to inspire and excite him. And I will not give him that satisfaction.

So this is how I will die.

I turn my head slightly and see my daughter lying on the bed. She sleeps peacefully, unaware that she will never see me again.

Congratulations again Daniel on writing an award winning book! Look for a review of They Never Die Quietly on The Boogle in the next few weeks….Thanks again to our judges and everyone who submitted to The Boogle’s Page One Contest – we had a great time reading all of your submissions!!


6 Responses to Page One Fiction Contest Winner: Daniel Annechino

  1. Bobby Ozuna says:

    Congratulations! Now we need to book your feature spot on my blog for a Q & A session and then book your LIVE feature interview….

    Keep up the great work!!!

    ~Bobby Ozuna
    Author | Book Coach | Internet Talk Radio Host

  2. Yale R Jaffe says:

    Congrats, your entry was a great pick. On the basis of your first page, I’ll be ordering your book!

  3. Bobby Ozuna says:

    If you are interested in having a feature spot on my blog, simply send me an email inquiry here:

    I will send you the information…

    If you wish to be a guest author on my show, The Bobby Ozuna Show, let me know as well and I will send you some information….

    ~Bobby Ozuna
    Author | Book Coach | Internet Talk Radio Host | Ghost-Writer

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