Time for a Shameless Plug


I haven’t tooted my own horn in a few days so after some time away from promoting my novel ELVIS AND THE BLUE MOON CONSPIRACY the book has experienced a revival the last few weeks as I’ve been blogging and promoting on sites like Facebook.

A few new reviews have recently gone up on amazon….the book is getting praised for its outrageousness, which means these reviewers are right on the money! Here’s what they are saying…

“Author Mark McGinty deftly rewrites history. I must tell you Mr. McGinty treated [Elvis] with respect…he was one of the most polite, giving celebrities ever. Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy also brings forth conspiracy theories about the moon landing, deaths of celebrities and politicians that will make you laugh, and make you think. Mark McGinty is a fun writer, and you will enjoy every page of Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy.

I just finished reading this book and was so highly entertained, I’m telling everyone about it. Being an avid reader, I’m selective about the kinds of books I read. If it doesn’t capture my attention in the first few pages, I’ll typically put it down. This book was outrageously funny with enough real-life factual data to make it seem almost plausible. Kudos to the author’s amazing imagination and creation of such rich characters. A must read for anyone looking for a good laugh!”

“Elvis, the first man to set foot on the moon? You must read this well-crafted book to find out! Mark McGinty’s humorous take on the first moon landing of Apollo 11 takes us through the preparation, the actual space trip, and the never-to-be-forgotten first step on that yellow orb in the sky! Will they be able to procure the real Elvis Presley to perform on the moon? Will Dani Mitchell, the young ambitious journalist thwart the mission?

This is a must-read and highly recommended for all you space buffs who love a lot of humor tossed in. Good job, Mr. McGinty! I want to read it again…”

You can check it out on amazon or read more about ELVIS AND THE BLUE MOON CONSPIRACY including additional reviews, excerpts and general zaniness on the book’s blog here.


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