Sarah Palin’s written a book. Apparantly it took about as long as it will take me to write this blog post. The cover was just released and it’s quite striking…


I must admit that 1/2-term former governor Palin has never looked better than she does in this cover photo, which goes back to our discussion of book covers. You can’t expect Sarah Palin to write a book and not put her picture on the cover…after all, it’s always been about her and always will be.

Remember our discussion of your writer’s platform? While Palin turned this thing out in a matter of 4 months, it took me 6 years to write The Cigar Maker, which included researching stacks of books, visiting and touring Ybor City, and constantly writing and rewriting. Yet Sarah will sell over a million copies of her book in the first month while I’ll likely struggle to reach the elusive 1,000 mark.

Palin’s book (like many before) is the perfect example of writing being sold on name recogniton alone. What’s the lesson here? It’s all about platform.

Platform, platform and more platform. Who the heck ARE you??? We often struggle as writers simply because no one knows who we are. By building a platform you’ll have wider appeal, better name recognition, more fans = more sales. You might not sell as many books as Palin but it can make all the difference in reaching that next milestone.

With that I must decide: do I continue to build my platform? or should I just change my name to Sarah Palin…?

4 Responses to So….

  1. Sgt. Mom says:

    Hmm – I completed the first draft of “To Truckee’s Trail” in about two months flat, (to include research!) then took another two months to edit and polish. Longer for Adelsverein – one long story, 250,000 words total, but broken up into three volumes. That took two and a half years, to include preliminary research, and final editing and polishing. So, yeah – I could see writing a book in that time.
    But, yeah – I am madly envious of the marketing platform. At Number 1 (or wherever) on Amazon, and hardly having to lift a finger to get it there.

  2. Kris Jackson says:

    Having heard this person speak, I would be astonished to learn that she actually wrote this. Did she actually spend most of the last few months pounding a keyboard, organizing and recording her thoughts and experiences? (It depends — if it reads like she speaks, perhaps she did.)
    Most likely, a ghost wrote it using available materials, a few interviews to cover specific points, and a nod as it passed before her face.
    I suppose it contains stirring accounts of the forces that shaped her into the strong person she is today (high school basketball is quite unforgiving) and the firm principles she is bringing to the American body politic.
    It’s clear to me that Sarah is becoming a Legend in Her Own Mind, and will soon become poison to the Republican establishment. In two years she’ll be on the political equivalent of a game show.
    But I could be wrong. I’m not Number One on Amazon.

  3. Tim Fleming says:

    It turns my stomach that so many will buy and consume this dreck, yet much worthier works will go unnoticed. I researched my work for a lifetime before I sat down and wrote it, and the reader will find a wealth of historical, enlightening information within…information which can change one’s view of who we are and how we got here. Instead, millions will plunk down good money to read how this mindless twit can see Russia from her back yard.

    Tim Fleming

  4. I deplore the celebrity book thing as much as anybody. I don’t care if it’s Palin or Obama or Bill or Hillary. I won’t read it. But, unfortunately, millions of others will. It’s the way the game is played. But rather than bemoan the dubious achievements of celebrity “authors,” we should be out there doing everything we can to make names for ourselves.

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