Let’s give Sarah Palin a run for her money…

For those of you who have just crawled out from under your cozy little rocks, Sarah Palin’s ghost writer has a book coming out tomorrow (no link available, you know where to find it). It’s already #1 on amazon.com.

Well I’ve got news for Sarah Palin: as of this writing, Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy is right behind her, currently ranked #142,157 – and this indie writer won’t stand for 142,157th place!

 So head on over to amazon and pick up a copy of Elvis – only $11.95. Makes a great gift for the Elvis-love/space-fanatic/conspiracy buff in your life. If you love historical distortion, satire, and want a few chuckles and laughs, you can do a lot worse than Elvis…it even won an award!


I figure I need to sell about 1.6 million copies of this book in the next week to best Sarah Palin. Considering how I’ve done in the past – I need all the help I can get. Let’s make headlines! Let’s make history!

 Check out what the reviewers said!…



Reports of Elvis’ death were greatly exaggerated; this book sets you straight as to what really went on. Will this topic ever stop being funny? Try this light and fun read.

-2004 Writer’s Notes Book Awards

Elvis, the first man to set foot on the moon? You must read this well-crafted book to find out! Mark McGinty’s humorous take on the first moon landing of Apollo 11 takes us through the preparation, the actual space trip, and the never-to-be-forgotten first step on that yellow orb in the sky!…This is a must-read and highly recommended for all you space buffs who love a lot of humor tossed in. Good job, Mr. McGinty! I want to read it again…

-Lila Pinord, author of Min’s Monster

A wonderful romp in never-land…The author has peppered his story with enough real facts and detail to make you want to believe it… The reader will enjoy meeting a wide variety of delightfully crazy characters. The story is fun, the characters are complex, and the idea is certainly original. If you’ve ever been intrigued by all those conspiracy theories that are constantly emblazoned on the pages of the supermarket tabloids this will be an interesting read.

-Robert Barclay, Midwest Book Review

An entertaining book which provides a fresh and innovative approach to Elvis’ fictional adventures.

-Nigel Patterson, Elvis Information Network

The book is available here.

More tidbits here.


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