NEEDED: Proofreader!

Now that THE CIGAR MAKER is complete and I’ve moved into the publishing stage, I am desperately trying to avoid typos and spelling/grammaitcal errors. With a 145,000 word book this is quite a challenge, and frankly too much for one man to handle on his own. I’ve been fortunate to have a couple folks do a pass for spelling but as I sit down to format the pages and review excerpts I’m noticing more and more little ones that were missed.

What I need is for someone to go through the entire manuscript and find as many typos as you can (hopefully there aren’t many left)…If you are interested please email me at with a brief blurb on your history as a writer, editor or proofreader, as well as your requirements. I am looking for a fairly quick turnaround – within 30-45 days from the time I send you the manuscript (we can work around the holidays).

For a brief sample of what this book is about you can read an excerpt here.

If you are interested, I will send you a couple pages to proofread, to get an idea of your style and your attention to detail. I am on a limited budget so you must be willing to work cheap!! Of course, your name will be mentioned in the acknowledgements section of the book…


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