Boogle’s Top 5: one of those year end deals

So I’ll jump on the bandwagon and post Boogle’s Top 5. The five best books reviewed by the Boogle in this blog’s inaugural year. Keep in mind that the blog started in May, so just over a half year’s worth of reading, but still plenty of books. Enough chatter, here is the list, from best to almost-best:

#1 They Never Die Quietly…D.M Annechino’s gripping novel about a gruesome serial killer is not fit for the weak-minded. Click here for the review.

#2 Far Arden…Kevin Cannon’s graphic novel about Arctic piracy and lost lands is filled with action-packed adventure, quirky characters, and striking artwork. Check out the review.  



#3 Certain Jeopardy…Cpt. Jeff Struecker’s Special Ops thriller is engaging and action-packed, and expertly executed by an US Army Ranger. Check it out.




#4 Timeline of America: Sound Bytes from the Consumer Culture…Floyd Orr’s quirky celebration of American minutia is an off-beat history of pop culture, from the first UFO sighting in 1644 to the failure ot New Coke, to the rise of musical political punditry. Read more!



#5 TIE Kipling’s Cat: A Memoir of My Father/ Born Bent Over: Flashing the Vertical Smile at Middle Age…These both made the list. Kipling’s Cat is Anne Cabot Wyman’s enduring memoir of her father, and Born Bent Over is Brian Greenleaf’s hilarious confrontation with the perils of growing old.

Thanks to everyone who sent books to The Boogle for review! I had a great time reading your work, and writing reviews…and in some cases, arguing about your book. As I’ve sated earlier, I’ve added another reviewer to the team, David Stucki, so you’ll start to see reviews from the both of us in 2010. And since I’ve nearly depleted the gigantic stack of books sitting beside my desk waiting to be reviewed, I will be opening submissions in 2010…read: 2010.

That will also be the year that my next book The Cigar Maker is released en-masse, so I may be tracking down some of you to do a review!

Stay tuned and have a happy new year!


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