Fictional character comes alive!

There is a  character in my last book, Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy, named Jimmy Orr. He’s an Elvis impersonator. The greatest Elvis impersonator ever to live. He’s so good that NASA hires him to fill the King’s shoes after some things happen during the Apollo 11 mission. If you’ve read the book you know what I’m talking about. Check out the resemblance…one of these is Elvis, one is not:

Can’t tell who is who, can you?

Anyway, I get an email a few days ago from a guy claiming to be “the real Jimmy Orr.” Not only does this guy have the same name as one of the characters in my book, he’s also a singer and get this, he sings Elvis songs!I checked this guy out and he’s legit. He bought a copy of the book and sent a check – his name is actually Jimmy Orr! Imagine that! What are the odds?

He wanted to know how I came up with the name…it was simple really. I used to follow hockey and always liked the name Bobby Orr. There was also a classmate in junior high with the last name Orr. I always thought it was a cool name, and Jimmy Orr has a good Elvis-singer ring to it. It sounded realistic, which has been proven true. Anyway, Jimmy Orr supported me so I’m going to support him…You can check out some of his Elvis tributes here and here. Please do!

And you can buy Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy here.


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