What is your goal?

Please enlighten, because I’m curious…

1. You’ve written a great book.

2. You’ve self-published and sold a descent amount of copies.

3. Now you’re trying to get an agent to read your book so that you can get it in the hands of a publisher….or maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re doing book signings and enjoying yourself.

4. Why?


4 Responses to What is your goal?

  1. Bobby Ozuna says:

    I will answer in chronological order.

    #1) I’ve wrote the very book book I could at the time, using my gift to the best of my ability, despite (and knowing) my experiences and practice may not have been up to par. It was, for my part, the very best I could perform, considering the reader first before myself.

    #2) I have sold enough books to work in this industry “full time.”

    #3) I love my job!

    #4) To make money. Contrary to what I believe, as writing is my passion, my gift, an ability that coincides and compliments other gifts, talents and abilities, such as teaching, (public) speaking, etc., talking on the radio, etc. BUT, at the end of the day, I do what I do to make money, to continue working on a full time basis as a writer and author and then of course, to continue making more money, reaching more people, greater crowds in public venues, a larger audience on the air…ALL (at the end of the day) for the sake of my passion, which is my writing.

  2. Art Edwards says:

    Lorrie Moore once said, and I paraphrase, “If you want to be a writer, go out into the world and try to do anything else. If you can’t do anything else, then get down here in the muck with the rest of us.”

  3. mmcginty says:

    So after you’ve written a book and spent hours selling it, why would you spend a single second trying to get it into the hands of an agent?

  4. Art Edwards says:

    I wouldn’t. I prefer to do the agent search on the front-end. I think they prefer first rights. If nothing pans out with commercial publishing, I self-publish and get to work on the next one.

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