Awesome search terms used to find The Boogle

All you bloggers out there know there’s a feature that shows the search phrases people have used to find your blog. One of the most common search phrases is probably the name of the blog, in this case “boogle.”

But everyday there are those weird phrases that people have typed into Google, or Yahoo, or whatever search engine they use. Weird because 1) the phrase is just weird and 2) the weird phrase somehow brought the web-surfer to this specific site.  So here is a list of search phrases that have caused people to end up here at The Boogle.

patrick swayze roadhouse – I get more of these than you would think. At least 5 per week and usually once a day. Other renditions of this include Dalton roadhouse or just roadhouse. Probably has something to do with my Tribute to the Swayz post from way back when.

little emo in slumbaland – Of course. No surprise there….wtf?

underground bunkers for 2012 in +Midwest – Makes complete sense given this frightening state of affairs. I wonder if they found any???

melissa gilbert plastic surgery – Yep. Another popular subject of discussion on this book review blog.

suze orman women and money – This one actually does makes sense since as it is in fact the author and title of a book. I also get a lot of hits for women and money and just suze orman. I mentioned her book once, in an old post from awhile back about book covers.

smiling biden – Check out the book cover link up above and you’ll see smiling Biden himself.

elvis in space – Well I did write a book about this.

funny pictures of dr. phil holding sign – Curious to know the other results of this web search and what this person did when they found what they were looking for.  

take me on a journey i can’t resist! – I wish I could, baby! Sorry you ended up here.

fotografias de stephen hawking – Since I  post so many Spanish articles about Stephen Hawking.


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  1. […] while Googling “women and money” and “patrick swayze roadhouse” and other weird search phrases.  A couple days ago we logged our 1,000th visit this month, the most ever, and there are still 4 […]

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