The Cigar Maker is available on Kindle!!

Check it out – The Cigar Maker is now available on Amazon Kindle!

Look below for a few blurbs to get you excited…

“Equal parts history and fiction The Cigar Maker captures the true spirit of Ybor City. You can practically hear the crowds, smell the tobacco and taste the café con leche.”

Rodney Kite-Powell, Curator, Tampa Bay History Center

The Cigar Maker is a saga, a buddy picture with escapes on horseback and union riots. Despite being set in a time and place you’ve never been before–Tampa’s Ybor City in 1899–you’ll recognize sweet notes of George Lucas and dusky Mario Puzo undertones. But one thing is certain: Mark C. McGinty rolls his own.”

-Emmy Award winning writer Steve Marsh

“McGinty’s story burns with the steady pace and smooth flavor of a Cohiba Siglo VI. His hand-rolled Cigar Maker bands an impressive blend of history and character in this unique window into America’s past.”

Judd Spicer, veteran Twin Cities writer and author of Seven Days

Download it here!

Or buy the printer version.

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