The Cigar Maker – 1st official review

And it’s a good one! Here’s a highlight:

“In basing a story on actual recorded historical incidents and real people, the reader is blessed with a narrative more incredible and fantastic than anything a writer could create of whole cloth – such as the incident that opens the story. Did it really happen, the loosing bird in a cockfight in Ybor City, eleven decades ago, having it’s head bitten off by it’s humiliated owner? The writer’s grandfather insisted that it did – and thereby opens the tale, of Salvador Ortiz, one-time rebel and bandit, and his fiercely proud and independent wife Olympia.”

Check out the complete review by Celia Hayes at PODBRAM or at Blogger News Network.

The book also recently became available on Amazon Kindle. I hope you’ll check it out!

UPDATE: Within 2 hours of this review being posted I was contacted by La Gaceta and Cigar Aficionado magazine, both requesting review copies of  The Cigar Maker. Amazing!


One Response to The Cigar Maker – 1st official review

  1. eclecticpills says:

    That’s great, Mark! You’re gaining momentum.

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