The Cigar Maker…a #1 Best Seller?

According to Amazon’s sales ranking for Entertainment/Pop Culture/Cigars, The Cigar Maker hit #1 this morning! Not a huge accomplishment, since this is only the Cigar category (and with the frequency these lists are updated, the ranking will likely fall fairly quickly)….but still, a chance to pop a few corks and celebrate!

Under the Genre Fiction/Family Saga category, it’s currently #74.

The book is available on Kindle, or on paperback from Amazon, or at the official site. Buying from the official site helps the author the most, from a financial standpoint…but you probably figured that out.


2 Responses to The Cigar Maker…a #1 Best Seller?

  1. I’m not sure why anyone would use laxatives as a colon cleanser – isn’t that dangerous?

  2. John says:

    I truly enjoyed reading through this article.Thank you.

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