“The Cigar Maker” Making Rounds on The Net

Now that The Cigar Maker has been out for a couple of weeks, it has started to make the rounds on the Internet. Here is a summary of what’s been going down…

  • Possibly the coolest shout comes from Cigar City Magazine, a great magazine from Tampa, Florida that celebrates the history of the Cigar City. They published an excerpt of the book in their May/June issue and will be publishing excerpts in their next three issues. Their online version will be up soon, and I’ll link you as soon as I can!
  • A little blurb on Ybor City Stogie. Looks like a political website but they gave me a shout, with a link to the book’s official site.
  • CigarAdvisor.com picked up a press release and posted it to their site. They also requested a review copy, so I’ll be waiting to read their review in a few weeks.  
  • Cigars in Review magazine, a brand new publication that reviews cigars, posted a link to the book’s site on their page. They’re also running an ad to promote the book to cigar shops nationwide.  
  • Here’s a cool little forum called Friends of Habanos. One of their members picked up the press release and posted it to their site. They like my name, and I’ve seen some sales come in directly from this forum. Thanks, Friends of Habanos!
  • There was this great review by Celia Hayes on Blogger News Network. 8-9 more reviews are pending, so I’m bracing for the feedback. Hopefully the book continues it’s favorbale critical reception.
  • If you live in Minneapolis, Art a Whirl is this weekend, a great art festival featuring over 500 participants. I’m having a book signing to officially unveil Cigar and it’s listed a one of the festival’s special events.
  • Finally Big Time Attic threw together a nice little blurbie-blurb, with pictures of the book’s maps drawn by cityscape extraordinaire Kevin Cannon. They also have an image of the book on Kindle, where it was recently #1 in Cigars. Check it out!!

If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Cigar Maker, now is a good time. Pick it up on Amazon or wherever books are sold. It would make a great Father’s Day gift!!


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