Art A Whirl Day One in the Books

Bring on Day 2!

Day 1 was supposed to start at 5:30 but at 4:30 people started to trickle in. I sold a copy of The Cigar Maker to the first person I talked do. I had to do a lot of talking but piqued her interest enough so that she decided to buy a copy. For the rest of the night I was visited by a steady stream of friends and strangers and sold a nice amount of copies – including one stack to a book club. I’ll be visiting the book club next month for dinner and wine and an intelligent book talk.

We’re at Svedberg Studio at 34th and Tyler. Here are some photos of last night:

Svedberg Studio in NE Minneapolis

Lupi setting up our nook

Our table, overflowing with stuff (free cigar if you buy the book!)

Low angle shot, photo by AZ.

Ready to go!

An impressive Friday night turnout gave us all high hopes that Saturday will be a fantastic day. The weather gods came through – it’s sunny and warm and should be a great day to hit all the nooks and crannies of North East Minneapolis and check out all the artwork this city has to offer. Read more about NE Minneapolis’s open studio and gallery tour, Art A Whirl.

Finally, Lauri Svedberg who owns the studio, has been awesome. Just awesome! Please check out Lauri’s website, where you can preview all of her fantastic artwork!

And if you’re in the Cities this weekend – you won’t want to miss Art A Whirl!!

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