5 Star Review from Midwest Book Review

It’s nice to get these, even when they’re short. Usually I provide a link to the reviews for The Cigar Maker but in this case I can post the whole thing…

***** A fine read, highly recommended

From one tumultuous home to another. “The Cigar Maker” tells the story of Salvador Ortiz as he leaves Cuba at the end of the nineteenth century to find a better life in America. But he finds that the streets of Tampa are just as shady as the streets of Cuba, and finds that keeping his family together and strong will be a struggle no matter where he is, as he faces off with the clashes of culture and history surrounding him. “The Cigar Maker” is a fine read, highly recommended.

Aside from that nice little nugget, here are my upcoming events…

July 12 – Interview on DogWatch Cigar Radio @ 6:00pm CST…this will be a podcast so you’ll be able to check it out after the 12th.

July 20 – Interview on The Author’s Show.

July 31 – Book signing and chat and Mayday Books in Minneapolis, MN, 3:00pm. Sponsored by the Minnesota Cuba Committee, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the bookstore, which is a non-profit organization.

If you are in the Tampa area check out the July 2nd issue of La Gaceta and Cigar City Magazine (also available online), where excerpts of The Cigar Maker have been recently published!

In addition to the above, you can hear recent interviews on Blog Talk Radio and The Cigar Authority.

There is also a Cigar Maker giveaway on GoodReads, where you can enter to win a free copy!


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