Crowded Comics Gives YOU a Chance to Bring the Funny — Every Day!

Created by David Burnett, Kevin Cannon and Oleg Terenchuk, Crowded Comics has cleverly democratizing the editorial cartoon by combining crowd-sourced punchlines with  original, high quality, timely cartoons on political and cultural issues. Instead of a political cartoon on the editorial page of the daily newspaper, at Crowded Comics THE READER writes the captions. Featuring daily artwork by a team of prolific cartoonists, Crowded Comics has built a new way of engaging news fans directly with editorial cartoons. The power of comedy and opinion has been surrendered to the hands of readers. The artists draw the comics but you write the captions.

They usually add a pair of comics each day, on issues ranging from the presidential election to Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen’s incomprehensible admission that he “loves Fidel Castro.” Always up to date with the latest news, the clever and captivating comics are often funny without the captions but scrolling through the variety of captions added by CC readers is the true fun. The captions are ranked by the readers and fall into a ladder that allows you to vote for your favorite caption and increase its rank. You can also “vote down”  a caption you don’t like and watch it fall. At the end of the day a winner is declared. That winner could be you!

Featuring the artwork of Ken Avidor, Lupi, Lance Ward, Dan Murphy, Kevin Cannon and Kirk Anderson the artists are open to your ideas and will draw a comic based on your requests as long as the subject is relevant and captionable. I’ve posted a few samples here but doesn’t can’t be done unless you go to Crowded Comics to view the comics and add your own captions! It’s a fun, easy way to stay up to date on the news (and let’s face it, to kill a few minutes while at work!!).

Their comics – your voice!! Pay them a visit right here!!

Mark McGinty is the Author of The Cigar Maker and Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy. His work has appeared in Maybounrne Magazine, Germ Warfare and Chrono Chaos.

2 Responses to Crowded Comics Gives YOU a Chance to Bring the Funny — Every Day!

  1. Ur blog post, “Crowded Comics Gives YOU a Chance to Bring the Funny – Every
    Day! The Boogle” was indeed worth writing
    a comment down here in the comment section! Really wanted to admit you actually did a fantastic work.
    Thanks for your time ,Camilla

  2. Mariel says:

    Just what genuinely motivated u to compose “Crowded Comics Gives YOU a Chance to Bring the Funny – Every Day!
    | The Boogle” ? I personallyreally loved the
    blog post! Many thanks -Bettie

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