Watch Uber and Peloton

December 7, 2019
Both of these companies had a bad few days. Uber for a startling report on sexual assaults and Peloton for running some dumbfuck ad that a bunch of people hated. These public relations disasters will hurt business for sure, but not as much as it will their stocks. Peloton’s stock (PTON) dropped from $37 to down near 31 in just a few days. That’s about 18% percent or so.
By Friday it was back up to $32.60, climbing from than 4% that day. The outrage of the ad has died but not Peloton has all this publicity. A viral ad. News reports about the viral ad. The actual actors from the commercial commenting on the viral ad. I never heard of Peloton before this week.
Now I’m looking at buying the Jan 17 $35 calls.
Uber is a different story. A well known company that a lot of travelers, commuters and bar-hoppers rely on. Uber’s stock is nothing special – it’s been around $29 all week and by Friday it closed below $28. Just before the outrage started. Watch Congress get involved and see the stock fall further.
I’m waiting on this one but watching closely. Could be some short opportunities here, but will have to wait until it bottoms out.
When it does I’m looking at buying the Jan 17 $30 calls.
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