Art Brut at the Triple Rock

November 10, 2009

Normally I don’t do concert reviews but this one was just too good. If you don’t know about Art Brut, you should. They’re a kickass post-punk indie rock band out of London. They have this polished hard rock sound with an eccentric vocalist who chants more then he sings, with lovable lyrics that are borderline hilarious. From singing about erectile dysfunction to riding the bus to musing about his teenage love, Emily Kane, frontman Eddie Argos is a commanding though perfectly clumsy lead singer who uses the mic cord as a jump rope, spends about two and a half songs pacing through the crowd and is genuinely one of the nicest musicians I’ve met.

The same can be said about everyone in the band – who were completely accessible and downright humbled whenever they were approached for an autograph, or asked to pose for a picture. A  hardworking, world-touring professional rock band they are but when they were offstage and among their fans they were nothing more than nice people.

Enough of my fanboy ramblings…pictures say more than words so let’s take a look…

IMG_1936 First, the shirt that Mrs. Boogle made. You can read the backstory on Eddie’s blog but in honor of guitarist Jasper Future, I wore this Rock the Jasper shirt to the show…which proved to be our “in” with the band.

We were there about an hour before doors opened, to get some food and drink, and were amazed when guitarist Ian Catskilkin and Eddie Argos walked into the bar with a few others. They completely blended into the light crowd at the Minneapolis hipster Triple Rock Social Club and just kind of hung around. I thought I saw bass guitarist Freddy Feedback checking out the pinball machine and jukebox but Jasper was nowhere to be found.

Pretty soon Eddie walked by so I called out to him and showed him my shirt — instant cool. He laughed and came over and said, “That’s ace!” He hung around to chat and actually introduced himself, “I’m Eddie,” he extended his hand. Then he tried to take a picture of my shirt but couldn’t figure out how to use his camera phone. “I’ll get it later,” he said before we started talking about comic books. Here he is with me and Mrs. B.


Cool enough for me.

Eddie told us he’d see us inside (and that Jasper was feeling miserable)…and off he went. So once we were in the actual show we were greeted by more rock star accessibility: Jasper Future and drummer Mikey Breyer were working the T-shirt table. Of course, they both loved my shirt, signed autographs and posed for this picture…Note Breyer’s Griswaldian point (some of you will get that).


Jasper Future, Mrs. B, Me and Mikey Breyer.

As the crowd arrived the band hung out among their people, chatting and posing for pictures, signing autographs and generally being the cool music dorks that they are.


Eddie Argos standing among his people

Once the show started and the opening act Surfer Blood finished their set Art Brut took the stage. Enthusiasm was already buzzing and since the band’s last gig was in Omaha, they were excited to play in a (cough:cough) real city, and home of one of their favorite bands: The Replacements. And they played their hearts out – they sounded great and had a great time on stage….

Check out a brief video from the show.




Yeah, we got pretty close.

After the show the band hung around and mingled with their fans – again, they were totally humble and genuinely nice and appreciative. Eddie talked to us for a good ten minutes – mostly about comic books, the slooooooow pace of the Midwest, and his girlfriend’s parents. As Jasper signed my Jasper shirt, I told him it was great to see a band giving 110% and having a great time on stage. His eyes widened and he said, “That was an AWESOME show!!”

Damn right!!

Finally here are some take-home treasures from our night with Art Brut…IMG_1961


The band's set list..."We didn't actually play that," Eddie said as he added his signature.