The Cigar Maker now available for download

September 9, 2010

The Cigar Maker is now available from Smashwords for $3.99….You can download it to your computer in just seconds. Cool, huh? You can read it online, or download it to your Sony Reader or Palm devise.

Smashwords is a great place for people who are curious about ebooks, but not ready or willing to fork over the cash for a Kindle. You can sample books for free and read the first 30 or 40 pages. You don’t pay unless you decide to continue. Check it out right here, right now!

Click to download The Cigar Maker!


The Cigar Maker – 1st official review

April 19, 2010

And it’s a good one! Here’s a highlight:

“In basing a story on actual recorded historical incidents and real people, the reader is blessed with a narrative more incredible and fantastic than anything a writer could create of whole cloth – such as the incident that opens the story. Did it really happen, the loosing bird in a cockfight in Ybor City, eleven decades ago, having it’s head bitten off by it’s humiliated owner? The writer’s grandfather insisted that it did – and thereby opens the tale, of Salvador Ortiz, one-time rebel and bandit, and his fiercely proud and independent wife Olympia.”

Check out the complete review by Celia Hayes at PODBRAM or at Blogger News Network.

The book also recently became available on Amazon Kindle. I hope you’ll check it out!

UPDATE: Within 2 hours of this review being posted I was contacted by La Gaceta and Cigar Aficionado magazine, both requesting review copies of  The Cigar Maker. Amazing!

Good news for Amazon…but good news for authors?

January 29, 2010

It looks like the answer is yes, as long as your book is on Kindle. Amazon’s fourth-quarter earnings skyrocketed 71 percent and it does not expect the growth to slow. Full article here. Keeping in mind that Amazon sells more than just books – much, much more than just books – this quote caught my attention:

[Amazon] is selling six Kindle books for every 10 physical copies for the titles available in both formats. Amazon had previously said it reached a Kindle milestone on Christmas Day, when it sold more copies of e-books than physical copies for the first time.

What does that mean for you? It means you need to make your title is available on Kindle if it isn’t already.