First sentence of my next novel “Unit 731”

August 1, 2010

So I’ve been putting together a few story threads for my next novel, and doing some initial research. After knocking a few opening scenes around in my head, I finally decided on where the story should start. I still need to decide on the character’s name but I was able to write the first sentence of the story.

First, a little about the book, Unit 731. I’m trying to condense my log line into a single sentence. Here’s what I have:

In the final days of World War II, a Japanese doctor attempts to flee Japan with a state secret and is pursued by an Imperial police officer through Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Here’s the opening line (I haven’t decided on the main character’s name yet)

<Name> was given a cyanide capsule and instructed to take the secret to his grave.

Still have a few more sentences to write so don’t expect Unit 731 to be in print until around oh, summer of 2012?? If you need some reading before then, be sure to check out The Cigar Maker!


War Crimes, Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons, Great Reviews

June 10, 2010

Working out an outline for my next book….tentative working title is Unit 731. Read more about Unit 731 on Wikipedia…We’re talking World War II, we’re talking biological and chemical weapons research, we’re talking war crimes, we’re talking atomic bombs. We’re talking about redepmtion!!

Two characters…good guy vs. bad guy. Chase scenes. Sharp dialogue. Thriller. JG Ballard meets John Hersey.

While we’re at it – if you haven’t seen these reviews for The Cigar Maker, please check them out. They’rrrreeee great!!!

The Historical Novel Review recommends The Cigar Maker to anyone who enjoys probing into the neglected corners of history.

Blogger News Network calls it a window into an unexpected and fascinating world.

Small Press Reviews calls it the great American novel!