bookcover4Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy is the first and only novel that tells the TRUE story of the first moon landing, a world of historical distortions that cleverly merges the Apollo 11 mission with the death of Marilyn Monroe and the assassination of JFK, while explaining all those Elvis sightings.
Described by the Midwest Book Review as “a wonderful romp in never-land,” “patently absurd” and “certainly original” this book will interest anyone intrigued by all those conspiracy theories that are constantly emblazoned on the pages of the supermarket tabloids. And more importantly, it’s the perfect book for anyone looking to put a little humor into their life.

Not a book about Elvis Presley, Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy tells the story of how our government, the press and our national icons interact with us through the power of television.

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Months before man landed on the moon in 1969, NASA Administrator and former JFK adviser Jack Monroe thought the mission needed a slight touch-up. He turned to Peter Dixon, his second-in-command and an avid Elvis fanatic, and together this dynamic pair concocted a spectacle that would honor the pinnacle of human achievement: a lunar celebration to cap the space race with an outer space gala called Operation Blue Moon. To make it happen, they needed to hire the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Dani Mitchell is a young, ambitious journalist from The Sensational Nation whose recent breakout interview with the Dalai Lama earned critical acclaim. Her next assignment is an exclusive one-on-one with Elvis – but the King is nowhere to be found.

With Monroe and Dixon standing in her way, Dani embarks on a mission to track down Elvis Presley. Was Neil Armstrong the first man to walk the moon? Or was it somebody else? In the final days before the first moon landing, Dani will find her way to the bottom of NASA’s mysterious Operation Blue Moon and learn the true story of Apollo 11.


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