The Cigar Maker is available for pre-order

February 22, 2010

Head on over to The Cigar Maker official site, read some reviews, learn about Tampa and reserve your copy of The Cigar Maker. Free shipping is available until the end of the month…And if you order The Cigar Maker together with Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy you can save yourself a little money. The books are available together for $24.99.

Here’s a cover image, with a blurb on the book….

The Cigar City. The year is 1898. Young Cuban rebel Salvador Ortiz and his family have escaped the hardship of war-torn Cuba, but the union halls, cigar factories, and dark alleys of Tampa are filled with violence and vendetta. Salvador must defy constant labor strife and deadly corruption in a one-industry town known for backroom cockfights, street thugs, late-night abductions and mass production of the world’s best hand-rolled stogies. An ideological battle for control of the cigar industry tests Salvador’s self-respect and love of hard work as he fights to abandon his rambunctious, outlaw past and lead his proud Cuban family into a colorful immigrant society. His wish for a peaceful life as a husband, a father, and a man of dignity is threatened by a lawless underworld and a cultural conflict with a dangerous, bloody history.

Drop by the official site to read excerpt and check out some interiore images from the book (the maps by Kevin Cannon are just awesome!). And reserve your copy today!!!

The Cigar Maker cover is released!!!

February 18, 2010

A great cover is so important, and Lupi nailed this one…

The Cigar Maker will be available June 1 – you can reserve your copy today by visiting

Be sure to click for a larger image!!


Don’t forget to check out more artwork by Lupi right here.

More Map News…

February 12, 2010

Kevin Cannon added a cool post to Big Time Attic‘s blog with both maps and a quick review of The Cigar Maker. Be sure to check it out!

“I couldn’t put the thing down — it runs at a fast clip, expertly blending pulp adventure with a thoughtful portrait of turn of the century Cuba and Florida.”

Read the whole thing here.

Interior Map for The Cigar Maker

February 11, 2010

Check out this city map for the inside of The Cigar Maker, by Kevin Cannon. Full of detail, totally accurate yet completely original. Absolutely perfect. The book will be out in June. Visit the website:

Click for a larger version…

Ybor City 1900 - by Kevin Cannon

Old pictures from book tour – circa 2004

February 10, 2010

Finally got some old pictures scanned. These were taken during the Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy book tour. There is one from a signing I did in Cincinnati and an Elvis convention I went to in Chicago – quite an interesting experience, that Chicago event. Anyway, check out all the Elvi….

There I am doing a book signing at Joseph Beth in Cincy.

Here I am with an Elvis impersonator - this guy looked more like the Swayze than the King.

This guy was funny. He was a big conspiracy theorist who believes Marilyn Monroe was assassinated by the Kennedy's. He had it all worked out.

This Elvis is an Army Ranger - just back from Afghanistan.

This guy was kind of weird.

This guy was really good - brought a whole entourage with him.

If you would like to buy Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy, you can get it from the all new The Cigar Maker website…the site is still adding content, so please check back for frequent updates! Let me know if the store works, I just set it up. Free shipping is available! If it doesn’t work there, you can get the book on Amazon. Thanks!!

Boogle review lands the back cover

February 3, 2010

We’re proud to announce that a portion of Mark McGinty’s review of Chazda Albright’s POETRY! Handle With Care: A Book Of Poems And Something Sort Of Like Art has been blurbed. Check out the front and back covers here…click either for a larger image, and to see Mark’s blurb on the back of Chazda’s forthcoming book!

POETRY! Handle with Care: A Book Of Poems And Something Sort Of Like Art is available here.

Learn more at Chazda’s website here.