About Me

I am the author of two novels, The Cigar Maker and Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy, and a freelance writer with credits in Maybourne Magazine, Montage Magazine, Cigar City Magazine, Yahoo! Entertainment, Minneapolis Running and Cigar Advisor. Currently I am Staff Writer for Cooper and Kid, a Minnesota-based company that builds subscription-based toy kits filled with projects that both dads and kids find interesting and entertaining and educational. Themed kits are created in-house and mailed quarterly. I collaborate on creating kit themes and components, and provide written material such as instruction manuals, cookbooks, and activity guides.

I have also contributed to the anthology Germ Warfare and am I am available to write articles, critique novels and short stories and help you market your book. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd, music lover and movie buff who is amused by the absurd and enjoys ridiculous stories that make you laugh, he lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife Lupi and 10 year old girl.

Here are links to some things I’ve written!

10 Discoveries of a First Time Marathoner in Training

Trademark Wars Precede Embargo’s End

Books, Articles and other Credits….

The Cigar Maker
Elvis and the Blue Moon Conspiracy
Home to Nagasaki (Forthcoming)

Magazine, Newspaper & Internet Credits
Montage Magazine
Maybourne Magazine
Cigar City Magazine
Cigars in Review Magazine
La Gaceta
Cigar Advisor
The Stetson Reporter
Yahoo! Arts & Entertainment
The Stogie Guys

Continuity Guy: Chrono Chaos
Germ Warfare
Our McGinty Family in America (editor)
Literary Death Match (contestant)
Kmart Shoes (publisher)

I am available as an editor and for freelance work as well. Email me for details here mmcginty_32@yahoo.com.


Thanks for visiting!

-Mark (The Boogle)

2 Responses to About Me

  1. DLKeur says:

    I’ve officially linked you into TD…which means you get my stamp of approval, even if I don’t always agree with your opinions.

    If you want “a regular spot”, email me an excerpt to your upcoming article plus the permalink to it on your site or the site which is publishing it.


    DLKeur, owner, The Deepening

  2. mmcginty says:

    Cool – how can I get a TD review of The Cigar Maker?

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